Wine Not: Cooking With Wine

Christmas may be over, but the holidays are still upon us! We know there’s lots of opportunities for you to cook some of these delicious, wine based recipes, whether it’s a holiday party or New Year’s Eve dinner!

Some recipes offer broth or vermouth instead of wine, but hey, we always recommend the vino of course! Live a little, the New Year’s Resolutions still have a week to wait!

Now on to the delicious goodness!

Chicken Marsala

via Serious Eats

chicken marsala

You can find Chicken Marsala in many, many Italian restaurants around the world, and for good reason! This is a classic savory dish that’s easy to make. Marsala wine, shallots and mushrooms are the star of this chicken dish.

Beef Bourguignon

via New York Times


The sister dish to coq au vin, this French stew of is slowly simmered in red wine with bacon and garlic.They recommend using a good, but simple, drinkable wine in this dish, as it really makes a difference in the overall flavor and end result.

Chicken Piccata

via Rachael Ray


Chicken Piccata is everything you could ever love in a pasta dish. Butterly, lemony, garlicky goodness! White wine helps cut the richness of the butter and adds depths of flavor you’ll love. Rachael Ray recommends warm bread with this recipe to sop op the goodness, and we couldn’t agree more.

Steak & Shallots

via Bon Appetit

steak and shallots

Dry white wine allows you to scrape up all the delicious flavors from the browned shallots in this savory but simple dish. We recommend serving this with roast potatoes and veggies, such a satisfying winter dish.