Wine & Dine with these Delicious Dessert Pairings!

Is there anything better in life than wine and dessert? We share some of the best combinations of flavors and textures out there when choosing your menu. Go ahead, treat yourself with some of these amazing pairings perfect for a dinner party or just as a little treat to yourself!

Be sure to let us know if you try out any of these fun, delicious combinations!


Flavors of vanilla and toffee in a perfectly simple glazed donut pair well with the similar notes in a Chardonnay! A smooth, oaky Chardonnay will have you going back for that second original glazed!


The perfect summer dessert pairing is a clean Sauv Blanc and some classic ice cream! Whether it’s a cone or an ice cream sandwich, the crispness of a classic Sauvignon Blanc lends well to lighten up the sweet and creamy vanilla and chocolate flavors of a childhood classic.


The acidic, fizzy nature of a Prosecco or classic Champagne perfectly matches the acidity in a Granny Smith Apple, commonly found in a warm classic pie! What better way to celebrate friends or spend a dinner party with family!


Rich notes of cocoa and fruit pair perfectly with dark chocolate, whether that’s in the form of a cake or a classic brick candy bar. We especially love this pairing when temperatures drop and you can spend a cozy night by the fire. Just dreamy!


This interesting combination is sure to impress anyone! Rich notes of blackberry and other fruits in a full-bodied Syrah pair deliciously with a hearty Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, which has just a little bit of that tart acidity found in dried fruit.