Three Easy Valentine’s Day Cocktails

We know you’re a fan of some tasty libations if you’re a fan of Painted Cellars! So we thought we’d share some easy but festive cocktail recipes for you this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning an intimate night in with your love or want to treat yourself with some self care, these delicious recipes won’t leave you heartbroken, that’s for sure!

Remember to tell everyone you love them today: friends, family, even your pet. It’s all about love in all forms today!

First up:

Cranberry Champagne Cocktailcranberry-grand-marnier-cocktail-1-REV2

Recipe & photo via Creative Culinary

This cocktail is perfectly festive and really simple! You probably already have some Grand Marnier in your liquor cabinet, so just grab some champagne nd cranberry juice and you’ll have a drink that will get you all bubbly with love.

You can even make some kid-friendly versions of this drink by using a bottle of apple cider instead: just as delicious!

Strawberry Mexican Mojitomojito

Recipe and photo via

Okay, so maybe you and your galentines want a little something stronger. Maybe you just love tequila (we can’t blame you). This pink cocktail definitely has some kick and is perfect to celebrate a fun day!

Swap out the chocolate strawberries for strawberries soaked in tequila…now that’s a twist on cupid’s birthday!

Red Wine Spritzerwine

Recipe and photo via: Tasty Kitchen

With a name like Painted Cellars you know we had to include a red wine cocktail on this list. We love this idea because you more than likely have a bottle of red sitting around. If not, the ingredients here are cheap and readily available at any corner grocery store.

Did you know La Croix is making a huge comeback! Grab a pack and you’ll have delicious sparkling water to drink throughout the week too.