Peaceful Setting
Peace and sunsets go hand in hand and Jackie Patton has offered us all something that we can hang on our walls and remind about […]

Peaceful Setting

Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely Paris courtesy of Jackie Patton and leave all your worries behind. Hosted at Ukiah […]

Night in Paris

For all those beginners that think they cannot paint a stick figure . . . you’re all wrong 🙂 Come in to enjoy a fun […]

Blue Moon

DandelionWishes (1)_opt
We have a thing for dandelions…or maybe the wishes that they can offer lol. Come and join us for our newest dandelion addition, Dandelion Wishes […]

Dandelion Wishes

Sun and the Stars_opt
Northern California, known for it’s beautiful scenery and climate holds wondrous sights of sun sets, moon and stars. We decided to give them all to […]

Sun and the Stars

Thinking of spring? Paint these Blossoming flowers, courtesy of Madelyn Hansen and let your creativity blossom with us. Hosted at Ukiah Crush Italian Steakhouse, this […]


The Golden One
Come join us to paint “The Golden One”, another incredible piece by Audrey Maddigan.  Hosted at Ukiah Crush Italian Steakhouse, this event will be one you […]

The Golden One

Owl Always Love You_opt
An original by Madelyn Hansen! Come join us to paint this adorable owl for yourself or someone you love. Hosted at Slam Dunk Pizza, enjoy the […]

Owl Always Love You

You know we all need that first cup of coffee some day….maybe every day lol. Madelyn Hansen has created the perfect image for us coffee […]

But First Coffee

Pink Flutters-opt
We are so excited to present “Pink Flutters” by Fei Xue. Painting your own, unique butterfly is the perfect way to bring a little magic […]

Pink Flutters

Sun and the Snowman
An original by Toni Del Guidice . . . come in and have some fun with a Painted Cellars holiday classic, “The Sun and the […]

Sun and the Snowman

Cards in the Cold
A classic by our artist Jackie Patton, this piece is a favorite for all! Celebrate the beginning of winter by joining us for this beautiful […]

Cards In the Cold

We love all things holidays, and we’ve been known to enjoy a party or two as well! At Painted Cellars we aim to make every […]

Holiday Table Decor

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.09.20 PM
If you’re a fan of Painted Cellars, there’s no doubt you must be a vino fan too! The holidays are the perfect time to show […]

Wine Lover’s Gift Guide

Let it Snow_opt
It seems like wishing for snow is what we do in Northern California…until it really comes lol. Get in and get cozy with our team […]

Let It Snow

We just fell in love with this image the first time we saw it and we hope your admirers will too when you paint Audrey […]


You can brave the stores or you can stay home on your couch, but the truth is–Black Friday has tons of deals no matter what […]

Best Black Friday Deals

Bird on a Birch
This simplistic and cheerful piece has become a Holiday favorite by Samantha Taylor! “Bird on a Birch” is easy to paint, with lots of room […]

Bird on a Birch

cork candle
Enjoying a little me time, sipping wine and creating pretty things, that’s what we’re all about at Painted Cellars! We know you’ve seen the typical […]

Unwined With a Few Wine Cork DIYs

Talk Turkey to Me_opt
A blast for the holiday season and you don’t have to cook it! Join us to paint Madelyn Hansen’s new piece, “Talk Turkey to Me.” […]

Talk Turkey to Me