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Paint the Night Away (Audrey Maddigan)
For all those beginners that think they cannot paint a stick figure . . . you’re all wrong 🙂 Come in to enjoy a fun […]

Paint the Night Away

wine 2
Wine is one of those things–you can splurge or save. It’s really up to you. Sometimes you may want to celebrate a special occasion with […]

Best Wines for Under $20

We love all things holidays, and we’ve been known to enjoy a party or two as well! At Painted Cellars we aim to make every […]

Holiday Table Decor

Aziah McConnell graces our calendars again with this magnificent painting titled “When the Sun Fades.” Much easier than it looks so do not let a […]

When the Sun Fades

From our very own Brittany Balcom, join us for “Rooted in Love” and what is sure to be one of the most creative pieces of […]

Rooted in Love

New from Jackie Patton, we give you all “Sunset Perch”! Take part in this popular painting so you can have a gorgeous sunset to enjoy all year round. […]

Sunset Perch

September kicks off with a colorful and amazing piece from Jamie Zeff. Join us for the fall-themed launch of our anniversary month calendar with “Park […]

A Park of Colors

BAck for another round because it was too good to pass up…we are happy to bring back “Fire in the Sky by Jamie Zeff. This […]

Fire in the Sky

We would definitely not be an art company if we didn’t push the envelope a bit and let you imagine; and our artist Jamie Zeff […]

Asian Blossoms

We are so excited to offer you all this new piece from Jackie Patton, “Mid-day Monarchs.” A beautiful addition to our line of nature and […]

Mid-Day Monarchs

Introducing one of the most beautiful night views in all of the world, “Night in Paris.” For those who would like to relive their Parisian […]

Night in Paris

We absolutely love this original piece by Patty Baker. “Autumn Tree Sunrise” is a long time favorite for Private Parties and is so much fun […]

Autumn Tree Sunrise

February brings out the best in our hearts…and maybe the best in our artists. We give you, “Sun and the Stars” by Jacqueline Patton. Another […]

Sun and the Stars – Painted Cellars