Paint and Wine Chico

First Taste of Spring_opt
With Spring beginning it’s time to stop and smell the flowers, what better way to do that than commemorating a painting of the first sweet […]

First Taste of Spring

Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely waterfront scene “Lone Cypress” courtesy of Alyssa Kaplan-Soto and leave all your worries behind. […]

Lone Cypress

Face a Sunflower_opt
We are so excited to present “Face a Sunflower” by Lauren Wyss. Painting your own, unique sunflower is the perfect way to bring to kick […]

Face a Sunflower

For all those beginners that think they cannot paint a stick figure . . . you’re all wrong 🙂 Come in to enjoy a fun […]

Blue Moon

Peaceful Setting
Peace and sunsets go hand in hand and Jackie Patton has offered us all something that we can hang on our walls and remind about […]

Peaceful Setting

Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely Paris courtesy of Jackie Patton and leave all your worries behind. Hosted at Wine […]

Night in Paris

DandelionWishes (1)_opt
We have a thing for dandelions…or maybe the wishes that they can offer lol. Come and join us for our newest dandelion addition, Dandelion Wishes […]

Dandelion Wishes

Sun and the Stars_opt
Northern California, known for it’s beautiful scenery and climate holds wondrous sights of sun sets, moon and stars. We decided to give them all to […]

Sun and the Stars

We “heart” trees and our very own Lauren Wyss has given us the beautiful painting “Heart Trees” for couples everywhere. Enjoy not only the painting […]


Thinking of spring? Paint these Blossoming flowers, courtesy of Madelyn Hansen, and let your creativity blossom with us. Hosted at the gorgeous Canyon Oaks Country […]


Valentine’s Day is all about showing appreciation and affection to the ones you love, and what better way to do that than through food? It […]

Valentine’s Day Wine & Food Pairings

As we near our winters end, we embrace the new spring to fall upon us and the companionship that it brings. Join us for Madelyn […]

Love Birds on a Sunset Ride

Pink Flutters-opt
We are so excited to present “Pink Flutters” by Fei Xue. Painting your own, unique butterfly is the perfect way to bring a little magic […]

Pink Flutters

Stems and a Bumble
An original by Samantha Taylor! Join us and create “Stems and a Bumble”, perfect for beginning artists! Hosted at Wine Time, enjoy the delicious seasonal menu […]

Stems and a Bumble

1.17 book 2
You should never stop learning, and reading is the easiest way for you to dive into your imagination and widen your knowledge. A new year […]

Books You Need to Read this Year

You know we all need that first cup of coffee some day….maybe every day lol. Madelyn Hansen has created the perfect image for us coffee […]

But First Coffee

Screenshot 2017-12-20 21.24.20
It’s a new year, and we’re smack dab in the middle of winter. Luckily for us, here in California winter’s aren’t too dreadful that we […]

Must-Do Winter Bucket List 2018

Steamy Midnight Winter_opt
What is the winter without….a snowman and snowoman. Get a little steamy with this cute and amazingly fun painting for NEW YEARS EVE from Madelyn […]

A Steamy Winter at Midnight

chicken marsala
Christmas may be over, but the holidays are still upon us! We know there’s lots of opportunities for you to cook some of these delicious, […]

Wine Not: Cooking With Wine