Spring Swing (Brandon Simpson)_opt
Join us for this beautiful painting “Spring Swing”, is perfect for painters of all levels and is sure to complement any wall! Hosted at Blend, […]

Spring Swing

Family Tree
WE LOVE birds and this one will just make you smile. Any and everyone that loves birds and trees like we do, join us for […]

Family Tree

Sunset Summer
Join us to escape to this colorful rendition, “Summer Sunset” is a must-have piece for any wall, created by Audrey Maddigan! Hosted at Blend, partake in the […]

Summer Sunset

As we welcome blooming flowers and trees, we embrace the warm weather with it. Join us for Jackie Patton’s “Best Swing Ever” to commemorate the […]

Best Swing Ever

Day at Sea (Jackie Patton)
Join us to paint “Day at Sea” by our very own Jackie Patton. This painting is perfect for beginning artists! Our first ever Paint and Yogurt […]

Day at Sea – Kids Event

Black Eyed Susan - Rosemarie Seppala
We just fell in love with this image the first time we saw it and we hope your admirers will too when you paint Rosemarie […]

Black Eyed Susan

An original by Lauren Wyss! Join us and create “Fireflies”, perfect for beginning artists! Hosted at Harmony Wynelands, enjoy an incredible selection of wines to […]


Spring Love is in the Air_opt
Join us for this vibrant, fun piece by Audrey Maddigan! “Spring Love is in the Air” is a must-have this season! Hosted at Harmony Wynelands, […]

Spring Love is in the Air

Dancing Dragons
Northern California, known for its beautiful scenery, we decided to share our love of dragonflies and the colors with you in one incredible piece from […]

Dancing Dragons

wine 3
You think about the food you make for your family, and the nutrients that you’re putting in your body. But do you often think about […]

Wine Facts You Didn’t Know

DandelionWishes (1)_opt
We have a thing for dandelions…or maybe the wishes that they can offer lol. Come and join us for our newest dandelion addition, Dandelion Wishes […]

Dandelion Wishes

wine 2
Wine is one of those things–you can splurge or save. It’s really up to you. Sometimes you may want to celebrate a special occasion with […]

Best Wines for Under $20

Winter Wonderland (Madelyn Hansen)_opt (1)
Join us for something soooo exciting that we can hardly wait. Our first ever Paint and Yogurt event . . . for the kids! All […]

KIDS ONLY – Winter Wonderland

Thinking of spring? Paint these Blossoming flowers, courtesy of Madelyn Hansen, and let your creativity blossom with us. Hosted at Blend, partake in the delicious […]


Owl Always Love You_opt
WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE owls and this one will just melt your heart. Any and everyone that loves owls like we do, join us for […]

Owl Always Love You

chicken marsala
Christmas may be over, but the holidays are still upon us! We know there’s lots of opportunities for you to cook some of these delicious, […]

Wine Not: Cooking With Wine