Crush Italian Steakhouse

Mermaid Mosaic
  Join us this spring for this beautiful painting! “Mermaid Mosaic” by Lauren Wyss, is perfect for painters of all levels and is sure to […]

Mermaid Mosaic

Drawn to You
    Join us this spring for a beautiful painting! “Drawn to You” by Lauren Wyss, is perfect for Mother’s Day. Painters of all skill […]

Drawn to You

Black Eyed Susan - Rosemarie Seppala
We just fell in love with this image the first time we saw it and we hope your admirers will too when you paint Rosemarie […]

Black Eyed Susan

Tulip Tea Party_opt
Join us this spring for this beautiful painting! “Tulip Tea Party” by Lauren Wyss, is perfect for painters of all levels and is sure to […]

Tulip Tea Party

white wine
It still may be the month of April showers, but the weather is warming up, there’s no doubt about that! This is the time of […]

Your Spring Guide to White Wines

Spring Love is in the Air_opt
Join us for this vibrant, fun piece by Audrey Maddigan! “Spring Love is in the Air” is a must-have this season! Hosted at Ukiah Crush […]

Spring Love is in the Air

Dancing Dragons
Northern California, known for its beautiful scenery, we decided to share our love of dragonflies and the colors with you in one incredible piece from […]

Dancing Dragons

It’s time for spring cleaning, fresh florals and new beginnings! Spring is a great time to declutter your space and give it a revamp for […]

Spring DIYs we Love

Pink Blossom Tree and Yellow Sky (Patty Baker)
Join us for this colorful rendition by Patty Baker. Escape with us into this picture-perfect scene! “Pink Blossom Tree” is perfect for beginning artists! Hosted […]

Pink Blossom Tree

green sangria
This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, the day that remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth […]

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Lone Cypress by Alissa Kaplan_opt
Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely waterfront scene “Lone Cypress” courtesy of Alyssa Kaplan-Soto and leave all your worries behind. […]

Lone Cypress

Face a Sunflower_opt
We are so excited to present “Face a Sunflower” by Lauren Wyss. Painting your own, unique sunflower is the perfect way to bring to kick […]

Face a Sunflower

wine 3
You think about the food you make for your family, and the nutrients that you’re putting in your body. But do you often think about […]

Wine Facts You Didn’t Know

2.28 blog
We hear it all the time from our customers: they just aren’t sure which painting to pick! They may be nervous about getting it “right,” […]

Picking the Perfect Painting

Peaceful Setting
Peace and sunsets go hand in hand and Jackie Patton has offered us all something that we can hang on our walls and remind about […]

Peaceful Setting

wine 2
Wine is one of those things–you can splurge or save. It’s really up to you. Sometimes you may want to celebrate a special occasion with […]

Best Wines for Under $20

DandelionWishes (1)_opt
We have a thing for dandelions…or maybe the wishes that they can offer lol. Come and join us for our newest dandelion addition, Dandelion Wishes […]

Dandelion Wishes

We “heart” trees and our very own Lauren Wyss has given us the beautiful painting “Heart Trees” for couples everywhere. Enjoy not only the painting […]