An original by Lauren Wyss! Join us and create “Fireflies”, perfect for beginning artists! Hosted at the gorgeous Canyon Oaks Country Club, this event comes […]


Pink Blossom Tree and Yellow Sky (Patty Baker)
Join us for this colorful rendition by Patty Baker. Escape with us into this picture-perfect scene! “Pink Blossom Tree” is the perfect for beginning artists! […]

Pink Blossom Tree

First Taste of Spring_opt
With Spring beginning it’s time to stop and smell the flowers, what better way to do that than commemorating a painting of the first sweet […]

First Taste of Spring

I Heart the Land_opt
Northern California, known for its beautiful scenery, we decided to share our love of the land with you in one incredible piece from Madelyn Hansen. […]

I Heart the Land

Spring Love is in the Air_opt
Join us for this vibrant, fun piece by Audrey Maddigan! “Spring Love is in the Air” is a must-have this season! Hosted at Wine Time, […]

Spring Love is in the Air

Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely waterfront scene “Lone Cypress” courtesy of Alyssa Kaplan-Soto and leave all your worries behind. […]

Lone Cypress

Face a Sunflower_opt
We are so excited to present “Face a Sunflower” by Lauren Wyss. Painting your own, unique sunflower is the perfect way to bring to kick […]

Face a Sunflower

For all those beginners that think they cannot paint a stick figure . . . you’re all wrong 🙂 Come in to enjoy a fun […]

Blue Moon

Peaceful Setting
Peace and sunsets go hand in hand and Jackie Patton has offered us all something that we can hang on our walls and remind about […]

Peaceful Setting

Wanna get away? Take a trip with us to the lovely Paris courtesy of Jackie Patton and leave all your worries behind. Hosted at Wine […]

Night in Paris

wine 2
Wine is one of those things–you can splurge or save. It’s really up to you. Sometimes you may want to celebrate a special occasion with […]

Best Wines for Under $20

DandelionWishes (1)_opt
We have a thing for dandelions…or maybe the wishes that they can offer lol. Come and join us for our newest dandelion addition, Dandelion Wishes […]

Dandelion Wishes

Sun and the Stars_opt
Northern California, known for it’s beautiful scenery and climate holds wondrous sights of sun sets, moon and stars. We decided to give them all to […]

Sun and the Stars

We “heart” trees and our very own Lauren Wyss has given us the beautiful painting “Heart Trees” for couples everywhere. Enjoy not only the painting […]


Thinking of spring? Paint these Blossoming flowers, courtesy of Madelyn Hansen, and let your creativity blossom with us. Hosted at the gorgeous Canyon Oaks Country […]


As we near our winters end, we embrace the new spring to fall upon us and the companionship that it brings. Join us for Madelyn […]

Love Birds on a Sunset Ride

Pink Flutters-opt
We are so excited to present “Pink Flutters” by Fei Xue. Painting your own, unique butterfly is the perfect way to bring a little magic […]

Pink Flutters

Stems and a Bumble
An original by Samantha Taylor! Join us and create “Stems and a Bumble”, perfect for beginning artists! Hosted at Wine Time, enjoy the delicious seasonal menu […]

Stems and a Bumble