St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, the day that remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century.

Green Lime Sherbet Floats

This one’s for the kids (or you sweet tooths out there)! By Home Cooking Memories, these simple but delicious floats are super cute and the best part is they’re not too sweet due to the lime sherbet. We especially love the paper straws she used here, what a perfect touch for vintage candy shop look.

We think you could even try this with mint ice cream and cream soda for a different flavor twist!

green floats

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Sparkling Green Sangria

green sangria

Sparkling Wine, White Cranberry Juice and Kiwi takes this summer classic and puts on a classic green spin! If you want it a bit more “green” just add a drop of food coloring or Midori liquer and you’ll be set! Sangria is perfect for a party because you can make it ahead of time and it’ll last at least an hour or two, and this one isn’t too sweet, it’s just right.

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The Japanese Slipper


We have to admit, while doing our research for St. Patrick’s Day cocktails, we didn’t expect to see a “Japanese Slipper” when we had never heard of it! But it looks perfect for March 17th and really, all summer long! If you’re a fan of Midori, this is your drink. Be careful though, this has a lot of sugar and may be best to just have one or two to feel festive!

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Green Beer

green beer

The classic green beer can be seen across bars all around the world on St. Patty’s! While it seems super simple (it really is) there are actually things to consider when making this cocktail.

See some tips on how to choose the right beer here:


Jameson Jello ShotsJamesonJelloShots_3-620x930

If you’re really feelin’ lucky this Saturday, then make up a batch of these Jameson shooters and your party is sure to be a hit! This recipe doesn’t use a boxed Jell-o, but you could easily do that if you want to skip a few ingredients here, but these are pretty fancy for jello shots if you ask us!

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