Your Spring Guide to White Wines

It still may be the month of April showers, but the weather is warming up, there’s no doubt about that! This is the time of year that some people begin to make the switch from red wines, which make you feel all warm and fuzzy, to white wines, that still give you that feeling…but are a bit more refreshing!

It’s easy to just pick up your staple Chardonnay, but why not try something new this year? Whether you just want something to pair with a quick and light dinner or maybe you’re hosting a graduation or wedding event with BBQ, cheese and charcuterie boards and the whole nine yards.

Here’s your basic guide to some of the main white wine varietals, based on flavor profiles from Wine Folly.

white wine

Bold and Dry

This is where your typical, tried and true Chardonnay lies in the flavor spectrum of whites. Even with some buttery or oaky notes, Chardonnays tend to be considered much more bold than say a Sauvignon Blanc. Other notable varietals here are: Marsanne, Voignier and White Rioja. We highly suggest some of these wines with some shrimp skewers and other types of seafood.

Light and Sweet

Aromatic and ranging from slightly sweet to packing a punch of residual sugar, these are best served after a meal or drank alone (especially during the day!) Muscat Blanc is the most common type, more commonly referred to as Moscato. Riesling is another popular choice.

Refreshing and Crisp

Unlike their sweet sister, these wines have a “clean” taste and are very easy to drink. Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Grenache Blanc are all common types of these zesty wines. Because these wines are on the lighter side, they’re a perfect compliment to more rich and creamy dishes. Carbonara pasta, crusted halibut, buttery lobster…really anything with a delectable cream sauce will do!


Sauvignon Blanc is sometimes referred to as “grassy” and herbaceous. The green-skinned grape from France is a common staple everywhere and is easy to pair with many different foods in the summertime. Rose could also be considered an earthy variety, as the name suggests. Try either of these with a delicious grilled pizza!