Recharge & Refresh: Spring Cleaning

Ahh, the smell of spring. The weather is finally starting to change and we’re getting more daylight and more warmth! While we’ll definitely still be getting some rain, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your spring cleaning.

There’s nothing to dread about cleaning, we promise! Even if you’re not one of those people who finds cleaning relaxing, we promise if you at least do the bare minimum of decluttering your living spaces and giving a few key spots a deep clean, you will feel refreshed and recharged. It’s time to shed the blanket of dust from the past winter months and start FRESH!

Here’s a basic checklist of the top 10 things you should do this spring to give your home that fresh, clean feeling.

Deep Clean Appliancesstove oven

There’s tons of DIYs and help on Pinterest on how to clean your oven, microwave, toaster, etc. Now’s the time to get down to the nitty gritty and and give those their yearly cleaning!

Closet Declutter

If you haven’t worn it in the last 6-8 weeks, you probably won’t wear it again (seasonal items like coats and dresses excluded). Donate your rejects to your local thrift store or women’s shelter and you’ll be amazed at how much room you’ll have for more shopping.

Food Storage

Perishables in your pantry and fridge can really take a toll on your kitchen. Go through both and toss anything past its prime.


If it’s made out of cloth, it’s time to be washed! Get all your linens – towels, sheets, curtains, blankets, pillowcases and anything else you can think of. Give them a good wash in hot water and bleach if applicable. We suggest trying a scent booster, you can buy them at your local grocery store or Target, but there’s also tons of online DIYs for a more natural alternative too!

Hard to reach places

We know it’s tough, but now’s the time to pull your furniture away from the walls and dust and sweep in those places that don’t see the light of day for 364 days a year!

Carpets and Floors

If you have carpets, now is the perfect time to get a professional cleaning service or rent a carpet cleaner like Rug Doctor. It can definitely take some time to do it yourself, but you have NO idea how much dirt accumulates there all year!

Personal Itemspexels-photo-457702

Wash your hair brushes, makeup brushes, toothbrushes and any other personal hygiene products you use on regular basis in hot water and baby shampoo or mild dish soap. We suggest replacing your toothbrush entirely if you haven’t in a while!


Replace filters


Think of anything that filters out the bad stuff you don’t want…they’ve got to be replaced! Check your air vents and vacuum cleaners and change or clean out the filters. Don’t forget your water filtration system like your Brita or in-fridge either!

Electronics and Filing Systems


Okay, so this one is a little less physical cleaning and more so a digital detox. Clean out your mail inbox, empty your trash on your computer, update your anti-virus software and be sure to check on any yearly subscriptions you use for your phone, computer or other devices. You’ll feel so much more organized!

Plants and Yard Maintenance

Prune dead leaves and growth on any indoor and outdoor plants, wipe down their pots or planters and give everything a good water if needed. Now’s the time to clean out that shed or outdoor storage area to make room and get you ready for summer fun!