The Perfect Pairings for Your Super Bowl Party!


One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is getting together and eating good food. There is always an abundance of food and drinks just begging to be appreciated.


I thought it’d be handy to have a guide for all the possible food/drink pairings you may encounter on game day.


1. Buffalo Wings with Wheat Beer

A perfect mix that will help keep your mouth cool while you work on those spicy wings. A light wheaty beer is a perfect match for hot wings while helping ease the spice while not overpowering the flavor.

2. Pizza and Cabernet 

A full-bodied wine like a cabernet goes well with pizza. This quick and simple pairing that you can enjoy all day!

3. Chips or Pretzels and Dip with IPA 


A strong, bitter, beer will help add complexity to your snack. IPAs go great with carb-filled food and is a great way to sip slowly while watching the game.

4. Hot Dogs and Burgers with Pale Ale


A smooth and flavorful beer goes perfectly with grilled meats, and this is a classic pairing everyone will enjoy! A pale ale has the perfect balance of flavor to compliment the spicy charred and spicy meat.

5. Chili and Rosé 

It may seem like an odd pairing, but you can find chili at almost any Super Bowl party and a rosé is a great addition to those flavor-packed chilis.

Do you have any Super Bowl pairing favorites? Let us know your favorite game day drinks and who you’re rooting for this year!