Be a Painted Cellars VIP Member for Life!

What would you say if we told you we could save you money and reward you just by having fun and painting with us? Maybe you’ve seen our posts, or heard from your friends about our Painted Cellars VIP Membership, but aren’t sure what it includes. Learn all about our amazing, LIFELONG VIP Membership right here and even learn some tips to make the most of your membership, just keep reading!


What does it mean to be a Painted Cellars VIP?

At Painted Cellars, we are all about taking care of you and making your special nights out a one of a kind experience. As a VIP, that means you’re a part of our membership for LIFE! One VIP purchase grants you a lifetime discount and special emails, so that you’re part of a special group of individuals who love enjoying each others’ company, being creative and having fun!

What do I get out my membership?

When you purchase a Painted Cellars VIP Membership you receive:

  • EIGHT Painted Cellars Tickets to any event

  • A LIFETIME 25% Discount on any future events

  • A Customized Painted Cellars Apron

  • Access to our VIP Newsletter, including sneak peeks for VIPs only!


  • How can it save me time and money?

    We know that many of our guests come to us in groups. Whether it be a mom and daughter, a couple, or a girls night out, most of our customers try to arrange to make a mass ticket purchase. The whole process of splitting up costs and paying each other back can be a hassle, but a VIP Membership can even help you there! A VIP membership includes EIGHT tickets with your initial purchase. Say you and a group of seven of your family and friends want to paint together. Those tickets purchases alone will add up to $300+, more than the price of ONE VIP Membership! Make it easy on everyone, purchase ONE VIP Membership, and you’ve got your eight tickets, PLUS all the future perks of being a VIP for LIFE!

    Even if you only have 4-6 guests, you’re still spending a chunk of money that could be put toward one VIP Membership that will save you money in the future, and leave you a few extra tickets for the next time! (Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a super cute painting apron!)

    We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events very soon! To purchase your VIP Membership, just click here: