How To Make Your Own Wine Tote!

Starting in 2017 California has begun a plastic bag ban at stores. So to help do my part and help ease the transition to the re-usable bag lifestyle.

wine tote

There’s nothing worse than checking out at the register and realizing you forgot your bag at home! It’s even worse when you’re bringing home bottles of wine and juggling groceries galore.

Here are how to make this super cute wine tote bag!

What you’ll need:

  • Canvas tote bag
  • Sewing Machine or Hot Glue Gun
  • Thread
  • Fabric Paint
  • Wine!


  1. Fold canvas tote in half and mark the center of the bag
  2. Sew it vertically to create two sections of the bag
  3. With fabric paint and a cut out wine bottle stencil create a custom wine bottle “label” on each section
  4. Fill with wine bottles!

Photos and tutorial adapted from

Here is some inspiration to help guide your fabric paintings:


wine tote


These bags aren’t only super cute and convenient for shopping but make for perfect gifts for friends or picnic pick-me-up.

Whatever use you find for these adorable wine totes these are sure to impress, and will give you more excuses to pick up a couple bottles of pinot…