Keep the Kids Entertained: Halloween DIYs

We believe art and creativity is the best way to bring people together! That goes for the kiddos too! Getting kids involved in crafts and activities keeps them busy and stimulates their little brains!

We’ve wrapped up some of our favorite spooky and super fun Halloween DIYs and crafts to keep you and the kids entertained this weekend and in the spirit for Halloween on October 31!

Spider Web Art

We are painters here at Painted Cellars after all, so we’d be remiss to not include this easy but creative watercolor painting project! This one is perfect for ALL ages, and you may even just want to try this one for yourself too to brush up for your next Painted Cellars event!


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Halloween Spider Slime

“Slime” is all the rage right now! There’s no doubt you and the kids have probably seen those DIY videos on Facebook spreading everywhere! The good part is…it’s actually super easy and affordable to make! This Halloween Spider Slime by The Tip Toe Fairy is just perfect for Halloween.


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Paint, Paint and more Paint!

There’s tons of fun Halloween projects you can create with just a few paint colors and your imagination. We love these pumpkin apple stamps…there’s so many ways to be creative! You could even try dipping your hands in black paint, pressing them down on paper and voila: you have spider art! Just be sure to lay down a protective surface or maybe even try these outside if weather permits.


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