How To Get Organized For The New Year!

January is National Get Organized Month and there is no better time to do it! The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look at your surroundings and change them. Whether it’s your desk at work or home getting organized can really start 2017 on the right foot.

For me, getting organized can sometimes seem daunting, especially when it comes to organized the forgotten pantry or the family junk drawer.


Here are some tips for getting (and staying) organized:

1. Start with one room 

It’s better to start with one room and not worry about tackling the whole house at once. Starting with one room helps you focus and can make time go by faster. Once you’ve finished one room you’ll be even more motivated to do more!

2. Make a calendar 


Making a calendar can help you organize your schedule and your home. Set aside days or even times of the day to do your organizing, setting aside times to organize will help keep you on track.

3. 1-minute ruleeikbsc3sdti-sonja-langford

An easy way to get organized is to follow the 1-miniute rule: “if there is something that needs to be done and can be done in less than a minute, then do it!”. One minute isn’t a big time commitment so any task that can be tackled in a minute doesn’t seem too daunting!

4. Journal


Organizing your thoughts, plans, and appointments help keep your mind at peak performance. The act of writing helps you remember and can be a great way to keep track of bills, dates, and health. Here are some guides to bullet journaling.


5. Closet Makeover

lkvd9xlwdu0-annie-sprattClosets can easily become a disaster, and sometimes be a hassle to manage. Go through your closet and organize your clothes into a keep and donate pile, donate anything you haven’t worn in years. Organize your clothes by color and find storage solutions that fit your needs.

I’m starting to organize my office first, and finding time in the day can be hard. These tips help me organize my life more efficiently and have the motivation to do it!

Do you have any organizational tips? Let us know your favorites, and if you plan on participation in Get Organized Month!