Find Time To Reconnect: Friends are Forever

Make Use of Technology

Social media and technology can get a bad rap, but it’s sure useful for one thing — staying in touch. Take the time to IM a friend or even post a status letting friends know you miss them! If you’re not big on social media, a good old phone call on on the weekend lets them know you’re thinking of them.

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Take Turns Hosting

Hosting a get-together can be a hassle, there’s no denying that! But if your friend group takes turns hosting each other, then it’s not so bad! Better yet, make it a point to host a potluck once a month: you all only have to bring one dish and everyone will leave happy!

Turn a Necessary Chore into a Friendly Outing

Next time you need to go grocery shopping, take the kids to soccer practice or wash your car…ask a friend if they want to join you! Run some errands together, grab a bite and get things done: together!

Paint with Painted Cellars

A private party with Painted Cellars is amazing for so many reasons, but the best one: we take care of everything! We can arrange the venue (or, host it at home!), you choose the painting and the guest list, and before you know it you’re set with a fun, relaxing party everyone will love.

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