Delicious Summer Sangria Recipe

There’s nothing quite like a pitcher of crisp, cold Sangria on a summer day. The best part about it is you can add in whatever fruit you have on hand and it’ll still turn out amazing! (Hint: eating wine-drenched fruit at the end is definitely the best part!)


This popular party drink originated in Spain, where they eat late, nap often and gather together late into the night. In Europe, the use of the word sangria is actually very coveted; only sangria made in Spain and Portugal is allowed to be sold as “sangria.” Sangria made elsewhere must be labeled as such (e.g., as “German sangria” or “Swedish sangria”).

Are you thirsty yet?


1 Bottle red wine

¼ cup brandy (try a fruit-infused brandy for extra flavor, or Korbel for less sweetness)

¼ cup Cointreau

¼ cup juice (Orange, Cranberry, Apple…the choice is yours!)

¼ cup Sprite, Gingerale or for less calories, club soda

1 sliced orange

1 sliced lemon

Additional fruit ideas: strawberries, blueberries and apple

You’ll notice there’s no sugar in this recipe. Here’s a tip: Let the Sangria sit in the fridge overnight and let the fruit naturally sweeten the cocktail before you decide to add in any additional sugar.