Best of Painted Cellars Spring Paintings!

There is no better time to paint than in Spring! The flowers are blooming, the weather is gradually getting warmer, and it’s the perfect time to get inspired!

All of the beauty that comes with this season is a great muse for creating your next masterpiece. Here at Painted Cellars, the sights of Spring spark creativity. Our artists create wonderful works of art that capture the spirit of the season!

Our paintings are so much fun to create and are the perfect way to brighten up your home! Whether it’s for a fun evening with friends, a romantic date night, or just a time when you need a break from the daily hustle and bustle, our April paintings will unleash your inner artist and make for a wonderful time!

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Here are my top PC paintings for Spring:

First Taste of Spring_opt

First Taste of Spring

Painting by: Jamie Zeff

This painting is a Painted Cellars classic and a beautiful homage to Spring! This is such a fun one to paint (and all of the Spring fun without the allergies!)


Sunrise Poppies X (Patty Baker)Sunrise Poppies

Painting by: Patty Baker

This is such a beautiful piece, the colors are so fun to mix and you end up with a beautiful masterpiece!

Pathway to Pinot_opt

Pathway to Pinot

The grapes are in season! I love “Pathway to Pinot” because it has gorgeous colors. And of course, you need spring in order to have good wine!


Lavender Honey

You may have noticed lavender blooming all around you. This painting is a great homage to the bees and the beautiful lavender that needs pollinating.

Spring Bloom(Ty Moreno)

Life In Full Bloom

This beautiful painting is on the top of my list. I love how simple brush strokes can create amazing pieces of art! This painting looks great all year round and is so fun to paint!

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