5 Easy DIY Solutions to Get Organized!

At the beginning of the year, I decided that “getting organized” was going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions. So far so good, as during these first two months I’ve been sticking to it and staying as “clutter-free” as possible. However, (as I am sure you know) as the year gets busier, the harder it becomes to stay tidy. Being said, I decided to seek out some inspiration to prevent myself from falling back into my old ways!

Any organized person will tell you that the key to staying “clutter-free” is to have a place for everything. And it’s true! If you only have one place for everything you own, everything will be put away! So easy right?

But there’s a catch…. if only it was as easy as it sounds. I’ve started spending 20 minutes a day “tidying” up, which is basically making sure that nothing is out of place. What I’ve found to be my problem is that I end up with a bunch of items together on my desk or coffee tables.

So I found some ways to beautify your stuff’s living space.

Here are some simple DIY solutions to help organize your life!

1.Clean Desk, Clean Mind


Find out how to make this from Sugar&Cloth

This desk organizer is super cute and will help keep your mind on track. I find having a clear desk is essential to productivity, being able to find things quickly without having to fiddle through tons of pens and paper. Use the corkboard for important to-do’s, events, numbers, or shopping lists!

2. Closet Space


Easy ways to add extra organization from Made-2-Make

Having an organized closet is something that can be hard to maintain, so make it easier on yourself and add some extra storage so you can quickly access everything you need! I love the idea of adding hooks to the door,  you can hang bags, scarves, or hats.

3. Vanity Makeover


I have a lot of makeup brushes, and it’s hard to keep track of them all when they’re all thrown into a tiny drawer. My solution is re-using old glass candles. Once the wax is melted down be sure to stick the candle in the freezer so the wax falls out easily. Then you should be able to give it a quick wash in the sink with warm water to clear the rest out. Fill it up with beads or pebbles and you have a chic makeup brush holder!

4. Tidy Tins

This is such a cute way to store your pens, craft tools, and paintbrushes! You can use wrapping paper around your tins or paint your own to customize them even more!

5. Mail Sorter

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.25.20 AM

Find out how to make this from The Home Depot Blog

This is such a stylish sorter for any entryway. Because of its simplicity, you can easily find bills, store keys, and have a beautiful way to store mail. This helps sort mail as soon as you get it and easily find the important things.  I love how sleek and simple this is!

What are your favorite ways to organize? Let us know in the comments below!