5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Creativity!

Creativity sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day world. Often time we find ourselves too busy to actually take time and create. And just like writer’s block, everyone finds themselves a little stuck from time to time.

Creativity is essential in life, and not just in the way of making art. Many of our lives require us to think outside the box and come up with solutions or new ideas. Taking time to relax and get creative can also help improve stress and help keep your brain stimulated.

Whether you are an artist, hobby photographer, musician, or just someone looking for a way to relax, these tips can help get your creative juices flowing.

1.Draw one thing a day.


One is just the minimum, take 5-10 minutes and try to draw something in front of you. It can be a cup of coffee, your dog, or a self-portrait. Don’t worry about erasing, try not to judge your work too harshly. Get in the habit of making mistakes and committing ink to the paper. Of course, if you keep doing this your not only will your drawing improve, but so will the way you see things. When you draw you often notice details that you wouldn’t normally see. This helps improve mindfulness and can maybe inspire a new habit!

2. Make lists. 


So you can either use a new notebook or just keep your lists in your same daily sketchbook that was mentioned above. Making lists can be therapeutic and help you organize your thoughts. Make a list of anything you’d like to remember or things that you appreciate. You can list your favorite songs or movies, the goals you have for the upcoming week, or keep a log of everything you appreciate. This can be a great exercise for those really hectic days and help put things into perspective.

3. Solve a puzzle.


One great way to boost creative thinking is by challenging the brain. Use word puzzles, riddles, or just a classic 100 piece puzzle to help train your brain to see things in a new light. Doing puzzles helps to engage parts of your brain that you may not use that often, and of course, this helps to improve problem-solving skills.

4. Finish someones drawing. 

Have somebody else take a second to make a random scribble on paper, once they’re finished it’s your job to make it into something. All you have to do is utilize their original “drawing” and make it into something great! You can turn a line into a flower, or a scribble into a cat, you can turn it into whatever you want!

5. Try new things!


Every week challenge yourself to try something new. It can be a food you’ve never had, a movie your friend has been begging you to see, or a simply changing your usual route home. Seeing and exploring new things is so important to keeping inspired. Creating new memories can help inspire new art, writing, or just life experiences.

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What are your favorite ways to keep creative? Let us know in the comments below.